It gnaws at my mind

As you have preyed on my body

Taunting my sanity


Reality is cold and unfeeling

As pain and denial set in my veins

Like congealed fat


Thought too bloody

Feelings too raw

i lick at my bruises

At the open wounds

Teeth marks

Souvenirs of you on my breasts


i am dead

i am nothing

No thing

No one

A hollowed out casing


But i have survived the nuclear fallout

Of your savagery


i get up

get dressed

carry on

drive to the doctor


only to be violated


by her clinical eyes

her cold inspection


naked under flashing bulbs of exposure




recalling repeating the


until i scream

until i wail inside

or vomit

or better yet

die again


why can’t i cover up and


dress in sack and ashes


Why can’t i sit

In a corner

And rock and rock and rock


and weep

until i heal

until my soul

this vacant hole

is whole again



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