I wish i could sit my younger self down, cappuccino in hand and have a serious talk about. Here are some tips I would give me:
Stop being so hard on yourself, it’s not the end of the world if you make a mistake. It’s human. The important thing is to learn from it? Nobody is perfect, we all have flaws, we all fail. Stop trying to live up to unrealistic expectations set for you by either yourself or others.
Forgive easily. People fail us and hurt us, sometimes without even meaning to. It isn’t worth it to walk around with years of anger and pain towards people who probably wouldn’t even give you a second thought. Don’t allow grudges to fester.
Having said this, learn when to walk away and when to stay. It’s one thing to forgive but it’s another thing to be a doormat. Learn when to invest and when to cut your losses and move on.
Be kind. To yourself and to others. Cultivate compassion. If someone is unkind, approach them in the opposite spirit. Blow them away with kindness. Nine out of ten times it will knock the wind out of their sails, and whatever walls they have built around them, will probably crumble in the long run.
You will also find that sometimes in life, it’s the people you least expect that are there for you when you find yourself in need of help.
Don’t let your emotions rule your life. Never make important decisions when you are emotional. How you feel and what you think isn’t always the truth. Wait until you can be more objective and then tackle the obstacle.
Be grateful for what you have. Remember that there are other people who are worse off. At the same time, grant yourself some time to really feel your emotions, negative or positive. Your feelings are also important and need to be felt.
Collect memories, not things. Make good memories with people you care about in places you love.
Choose your friends wisely. Not everyone is worth your time and energy. Find people who build you up and not break you down.
Love generously but guard your heart. Always maintain a healthy balance in all spheres of your life, be it religion, relationships or anything else.
Be a giver. Where you see a need, if possible meet it. Give generously. Having said this, give wisely.
Budget and work well with your money. Save for the future and don’t spend all your money on the now!
Don’t rely on other people to fulfill your dreams or all your needs. Work hard to make your dreams come true. Forge your own destiny. Create it with passion. Never ever give up!
Get a degree. It will open doors that would otherwise stay closed.
You are strong enough to cope with whatever life throws at you, so much stronger than you think. So learn to be happy alone. Alone doesn’t automatically equal lonely. There is no knight in shining armour. Rescue yourself!
Think before you act. Sometimes it’s a good thing to act impulsively although the operative word is SOMETIMES.
LAUGH – as much as you can. Laugh loud, hard, long and often! Don’t waste your time on negativity
Lastly – be who you were created to be. Be authentic, be real, and be genuine. Be the best you you can be! JUST BE YOU!!


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